June at It's a Book
Summer is fast approaching! But before you head to the beach, there's still time for some workshops and a day of fun at Quinta Alegre!
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Saturday, 15th of June, at 10:30 am
All Together
With Maria Nogueira Noessing
For children aged 5 to 9
What do we like to do together? Play? Talk? Dance?

Everyone imagines and draws a character on paper, which in the end will be part of a big collage where all the figures come together in the park!

Like the book "Todos Juntos", the characters interact and come to life on paper. They are joined by other drawn and cut-out elements to complete the scene and complement the visual narrative.

Finally, we'll observe this moment frozen in time, talk about how good it is to do things together and then each of us will take parts of the collage home!
60 minutes | €10 per participant | Registration at [email protected]
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Sunday, 16th of June
To celebrate the arrival of summer, It's a Book has prepared a day full of free programmes for all ages in the beautiful garden of Quinta Alegre! We look forward to seeing you!
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11 a.m. Voa Voa
Workshop with illustrator Yara Kono
For all ages - Free entry
Aeroplanes, grandma's cake, a hug from sis, Pepa the cat, strawberry ice cream... what do we love most in life?
Come and give wings to everything you love: houses, flowers, trees, people (big and small), bears, dogs, apples... and create a fun mobile with Yara Kono that can even tell a story.
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2:30 p.m. Books Wide Open
Reading Lab guided by Dora Batalim Sottomayor
Free entry
Every month this meeting takes place at Quinta Alegre with the ERPI users, confirming that picture books are for people of all ages.
On this day there is a unique opportunity to experience a session of this meeting, usually for people over 65.
Admission is free and there's no need to book, as long as there are chairs, anyone can join in!
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3:30 p.m. "Põe a mão na massa"
Workshop with illustrator Mantraste
Adults and young people aged 14 and over
Free entry
Come and be inspired by the magical space of this Palace and recreate pieces of art or sights that can be found in the Quinta Alegre using plasticine as paint.
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3:30 p.m. "Whose leaves are these?"
Workshop with Lavandaria
All ages - Free entry
Do they belong to a newspaper? to a book? to a fig tree? to Mr Figueiredo?
Whose leaves are these?, is a screen printing workshop to explore natural and imaginary sheets of paper.
Let's print leaves on leaves and invent new leaves.
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Jardim da Quinta Alegre
Sunday 16 June, 11am to 6.30pm
Campo Amoreiras 93, 1750 Lisboa
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Saturday, 22nd of June, at 10:30 am
Drawing Lab
With Inês Viegas Oliveira
For children aged 4 and over
In this laboratory we're going to draw a lot and draw nothing. We're going to draw things we see, things that don't exist and others we can't even imagine. We'll use things that are useful for drawing, others that aren't. In the end we'll have a drawing that could be one, two or many things (or nothing at all!). Shall we?
60 minutes | €12 per participant | Enrolment at [email protected]
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Saturday, 29th of June, at 11:00 am
With Yara Kono
For adults and children aged 12 and over
Yara Kono invites you to have a chat about the book-object and challenges you to create one that opens and closes windows, hides and reveals surprises. Shall we?
90 minutes | €12 per participant | Registration at [email protected]
To sign-up for a workshop: [email protected]