Imagier pour Jouer
Pascale Estellon
€ 15,50
The quintessential baby book, with rounded corners, pages joined by fabric, malleable and resistant, well prepared for a baby's hands. Add to that the accordion format and the convenient size, making it fun to play with and spread about on the floor. It's also very interactive with illustrations in relief so the baby can feel the drawing. Finally, it's images make it a perfect first book for a baby who can as yet only distinguish high contrasts.
Publisher's description
Pascale Estellon has created a picture dictionary for the very young, playing mainly with black and white, with some spots of color or silver here and there. Each drawing is a thick, laminated paper cut out of the page, offering the possibility of touching the image, and playing at following along it's contours. The book is about the fundamentals: reflection, the route between two houses, opposites with the wolf and the sheep, a laughing face and a pouting face, a mrror, the basic geometric shapes, the right hand and the left hand and to play, a boat that balances on a wave. A beautiful object that will make a magnificent first book for the very young.
Les Grandes Personnes
15 x 17 cm
Colors, Illustrated, Geometric forms, Silent, Baby book