Alphabetical Little Theatre
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Publisher's description
The combination of painting and graphics is Paul Cox’s signature style and in this case the French artist remains true to form: in a mix of design, games and scenic art, Cox creates a mini theatre with 42 cut-out objects and characters, ready to take the stage and perform a different story each time. But that’s not all: this little theatre is also alphabetic: each character represents its initial letter, multiplying expressive possibilities in a game of references between drawings and letters and between meaning and significance. Paul Cox was born in Paris in 1959 to a family of Dutch musicians. He studied art history and English. Alongside his career as an artist, he has published several children’s books, also appreciated by adults: Le Mystère de l’eucalyptus (1987), Histoire de l’art (1999) – winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award –, Cependant... (2002), Mon amour (2003). As a graphic designer, he has created logos and advertising posters for the cultural campaign of the City of Paris and the Nancy Operà, also collaborating with leading French newspapers. He designs sets, games and installations and exhibits in galleries and museums around the world. After Intanto (2002) and Un libro di linee (2006), Alphabetical Little Theatre is the third Paul Cox book published by Corraini.
36 x 21 cm
Alphabet, Illustrated, Activity book